About Us

Sasha's Hideout, is wonderful, peaceful oasis in the Mayan Riviera to escape, find rest and dive some of the most incredible reefs in the world. We are proud to offer this small haven for short term rentals for your enjoyment.

Lasting first impressions


Barry and Dessi first met on a dancefloor at 4am in a london nightclub... could you imagine that. They have enjoyed adventure, travel and scuba diving together ever since.


While backbacking through Mexico some years back, Barry and Dessi landed on the island paradise of Cozumel and immediately fell in love. The beautiful sunsets, the sounds and sights of nature, the incredible diving and warmth of the people. All this was in stark contrast to the hustle and bustle of the mainland - Playa del Carmen and Cancun just a short ferry ride away. Eventually leaving the island, they vowed to return...


As avid divers, they have had the opportunity to visit some of the most incredible places in world, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Maldives, Philippines, the Carribean, Hawaii, Florida Keys, Egypt, Australia etc etc.  The problem was, that no matter how great the destination has been, it is always measured against the fond memories of Cozumel.


So when the time was right, Cozumel was their first choice. Las Ventanas proved to be #1 for the combination of space, peace, and proximity to all the activities the island offers. Sasha's Hideout is named after their beautiful baby daughter, who arrived September 2014. 


We hope you get to enjoy Cozumel and our unit as much as we do - B & D